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Should I List My House With A Realtor?

This is the question that a lot of home sellers ask when thinking about selling their house. What if I told you that “We Buy Houses In Bama” can offer you just as much money for your house as you would get when listing with an agent? What if I told you that this offer would contain no contingencies, and you could close twice as fast as if you were to list it with an agent? If this sounds too good to be true, you might want to continue reading.

sell house to buyer without realtor

How Is Our Process Better Than The Rest?

Our home selling process is better than most traditional methods, because there is no middle man. This means that you are selling your home directly to the buyer (us). There are no 6% agents fees, no buyer credits paid to the buyer, no inspections, no repairs, and no closings costs. Since there is no one in the middle to take their cut, you get a simplified home selling experience. This creates a win-win situation for everyone, and you can walk away with just as much (if not more) cash in your pocket than you would by listing your house with a realtor.

We Will Buy Your House As Is

Many realtors will suggest that you spend thousands of dollars preparing your house to put on the market. In many cases, this only puts more money in the agents pocket. This is because you are selling your house for more money (high commission to the realtor), but you had to spend money to sell your house at that price. When you sell your house to us, you will not need to make any repairs or even clean. We will buy your house in its current condition, and not require you to make an unnecessary updates or repairs. This is another example of how the traditional home selling process can be more complicated than it needs to be.

Not Convinced Yet?

If you are still not convinced that selling your house to us is the best solution, we offer another solution to selling your home as well. We Buy Houses In Bama has a licensed realtor on its staff, and we can have your house listed for as little as 4.5% commission. That is 1.5% less than the average commission paid for listing a house. You will will get top notch service from an experienced realtor at a lower cost, putting thousands back into your pocket.

What Do I Do From Here?

To simplify the above, We Buy Houses In Bama offers multiple home selling solutions, giving you options when you decide to sell your house.

What to expect when you sell your house to us:

  • Expect and offer within 1 to 2 days of contacting us
  • Our offer will be close, if not more than what you would get listing your home with a realtor
  • You will pay no closing costs, realtor fees, buyers commissions, or pay for repairs
  • We can typically close within 7 to 14 days

What to expect when you list your house with us:

  • Top notch service from a licensed realtor
  • A proven home selling strategy that gets as many buyers interested in your property as possible.
  • Save thousands in commissions
  • The use of the latest technology creating a simple home selling process

To get more information about selling your home, simply fill out the short form below. If you have any questions feel free to contact us or give us a call at (256) 607-4109.

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