4 Things People Don’t Know About Working With Home Buyers in Alabama

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We Buy Houses in Bama is here to help homeowners become and stay educated about the housing market and home selling process in Alabama. 

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Selling your home is likely the largest transaction you will ever make, and if you are a first-time home seller, then there is a lot of information that you need to be educated on before making decisions regarding the sale. There are a lot of unknowns circulating real estate, and people largely rely on their chosen real estate agent to take the lead in the process. However, we believe that all home sellers need to be aware of the housing market and educated on their home mortgage and equity before deciding to sell. 

Another piece of information that homeowners need to be aware of is what avenues they can take to sell their homes. For many, the traditional sales route is a desirable option. With this route, homeowners will typically hire a real estate agent to handle the paperwork, legal affairs, listing, and closing of the sale, and the homeowners will be responsible for meeting deadlines and contingencies. The traditional sales route will also often require homeowners to make various renovations and repairs before listing, or before selling, to maximize its appeal to buyers and the potential profit it could bring in. 

Another popular sales option is the option to sell your home to a cash buyer. This avenue is rising in popularity, and the efficiency and ease of the process are attractive to many homeowners. This process will still require organized paperwork and the legal transfer of ownership, but it often does not require homeowners to complete excessive repairs or meet buyers’ contingencies before selling. Selling for cash can also get homeowners a great and reliable deal, paid in full in a matter of days without the need to deal with banks and loans. If you have a strict timeline, are under financial stress, have an overwhelming amount of renovations to do, or are interested in efficiently selling your Huntsville home, then contact We Buy Houses in Bama today to learn more about selling your home for cash!

There are many homeowners out there looking to sell, but there is much information that is largely unknown to sellers that could make a difference in their home selling decisions. We Buy Houses in Bama are here to help homeowners navigate this information and use it to improve their sales! Call us today for more information about the housing market, sales processes, and selling to cash buyers.

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As we have already established, Alabama homeowners need to be better educated about the housing market, mortgages, equity, etc., but we think those home sellers mostly need to be more aware of their clientele. With that being said, we are going to discuss four things that people don’t know about working with home buyers in Alabama, helping home sellers avoid common mistakes that can deter potential buyers. 

#1: Alabama home buyers don’t want to deal with overpriced houses. Even if you are willing to come down on the price, do not list your home at sky-high rates. Most buyers do not want to deal with the hassle of aggressive negotiation, and unreasonable prices can deter them from even making an offer. 

#2: Alabama home buyers do not want to buy a home that has a poor curb appeal, especially homes that are dark and uninviting. If you are looking to sell, then invest in some cosmetic upgrades, such as a fresh and light paint job to brighten your home. Even some inexpensive decorations, such as wreaths or flowers, can improve the home’s curb appeal for potential buyers. 

#3: Alabama home buyers will not invest in an unmortgageable home. Before listing your home, you must ensure that your home is deemed “inhabitable” by making the necessary repairs. If damage is compromising your home’s integrity or weatherproof status, then these things must be addressed to sell. 

#4: Alabama home buyers do not want to purchase your home if you do not quickly act on their offers. The housing market is a fast-paced business, and home buyers are typically on a time crunch and need to find their next home to move on with their sales or lease terminations. Therefore, these buyers do not want to wait around for weeks waiting for you to accept an offer.


Is Alabama a buyer beware state?

Yes. Alabama law contains the “caveat emptor for the sale of used residential property” rule. Caveat emptor is Latin for “let the buyers beware,” meaning that Alabama home sellers are not constrained by law to advise buyers of issues about the property in question.

What are the most common mistakes that homebuyers make?

One of the most common mistakes that home buyers make is not saving enough money before purchasing a home. This will cause problems down the road when they are trying to meet their mortgage payment, and it could even lead to a foreclosure if the owner cannot meet their payment. 

To avoid this, we would advise home buyers to look into paying cash for a home, saving them from having to finance their new home and allowing them to own it outright. In fact, this option is returning in popularity. An analysis of county records by real-estate broker and buyer Redfin Corp. found that 30% of U.S. home purchases in the first four months of this year were all cash, up from 25.3% last year. The share of cash buyers is the largest since 2014, the company said. (1)

Can a seller back out of a contract in Alabama?

If you, as the home seller, do not meet the contingencies of the home buyer’s contract, then you can back out of the sale. Apart from unmet contingencies, there may be other extenuating circumstances that allow you to back out of a contract.


We at We Buy Houses in Bama believe that educating homeowners about selling their houses is an essential part of being a homeowner. Knowing information regarding the housing market, mortgages, equity, and how to work with home buyers is what could make or break your home sale. Even more, this information is especially essential if you are planning to sell your home for cash without an agent. Selling for cash is growing in popularity, and working without an agent could save you money from the overall sale. Among the top-rated companies that buy houses Huntsville. We Buy Houses in Bama is available to answer any questions you may have and provide you with a great cash offer on your home!

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