7 Tips for Selling a House in Poor Condition

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The first step in successfully selling your fixer-upper home is being aware that your home is a fixer-upper and accepting that selling it as-is, or with small repairs, will affect the final sale price. Neither of these things are bad, but, as a homeowner trying to sell your home in poor condition, you should be prepared to accept the facts. With that being said, you should also be made aware of the options you have when trying to sell your home from its current state.

The traditional sales route is always an option, requiring you hire a real estate agent to handle the advertisement and legal matters. In this case, a real estate agent could be an essential asset, potentially getting you a great deal that you could not have gotten without their assistance and knowledge. However, you could also choose to sell your home directly, avoiding the real estate agent and many other steps included with the traditional sales route. Ultimately, you need to decide what your personal timeline is, how much work and money you want to invest in the home before you sell, and whether or not you want to sell with a real estate agent.

We Buy Houses in Bama is always here to answer any questions you have about the sales process, and we are trustworthy direct buyers! Whatever your need, contact us today!

If your home is in poor condition, then selling it can become tricky. As a homeowner, you need to be educated about the various sales routes you can take to be able to decide which option is the best fit for you and your home. We Buy Houses in Bama is here to inform you and to guide you through selling your Birmingham home, even if it is in poor condition!

7 tips for selling your Birmingham home from its poor condition

Now that we have discussed your sales options, it is time to review seven tips for selling your Birmingham home, even if it is not in peak condition. 

#1: Determine the value of your house – It is imperative that you accurately price your home, especially if it is in poor condition. By pricing your home according to its state, you will attract an ambitious group of people looking for the perfect fixer-upper, giving you a better chance at selling. To get the right price, look into conducting a comparative market analysis and keep yourself updated on the housing market in your area. 

#2: Knock out easy upgrades – If you are going to sell your home via the traditional sales route, then it is advised that you go ahead and get to work on some easy upgrades. Having these renovations done will make the sales process much smoother and your workload much smaller. Also, having some upgrades completed can get you a better deal in the final sale. 

#3: Price Smart – As we have already discussed, pricing can make-or-break a sale. Now that it is time to list your home, you need to recall the actual value of your home and price it according to your area’s housing market. 

#4: Highlight the positives – When you are trying to sell a fixer-upper, you need to bring attention to what is great about the home. It is especially important to highlight the unchangeable features of the home, such as a great location or floor plan. By bringing attention to the positives, you can achieve a successful sale in record time!

#5: Fixer-upper honesty – While bringing attention to the positive aspects of your fixer-upper is a great sales move, you should always be honest about its issues. Buyers want you to be honest because they want to be aware of what they are entering into. Being open and upfront about your home’s flaws will earn you credibility and can even land you a deal. 

#6: Concessions you can live with – If you are selling your home via the traditional sales route, then you will likely have to deal with the buyer’s concessions, and, for a fixer-upper home, this can become daunting. With that being said, it is important that you only agree to concessions that you can manage and are comfortable with, so you should set a limit for yourself before entering the negotiation. 

#7: Finally, we advise having patience. When it comes to selling a home, the dream scenario is to complete the transaction as quickly as possible while still getting the full asking price. Of course, home sales don’t always work out this way. Occasionally, a house languishes on the market, prompting price reductions that erode profit margins. Such scenarios can be frustrating, to say the least.. (1)


What makes a house poor condition?

Many real estate agents and home buyers look for bigger ticket problems to deem a house as being in poor condition. These can include water damage, roof damage, plumbing, and electrical problems, etc.

What are the most important things to fix when selling a house?

The upgrades that will make the most significant difference are the essential ones such as patching holes and cracks in walls or ceilings, repairing (or installing) an HVAC system, fixing the roof, etc.

What should you not do before selling your house?

Similar to our seven tips for selling your poor-condition home, there are some things we would advise against throughout the sales process. These things include underestimating the overall costs of selling, overpricing your house, choosing the wrong sales route, failing to research real estate agents, and other things that could hinder the sale and your final deal.


Selling a poor-condition home can be stressful, but we are here to educate and help you through the process. We hope that our seven tips for selling a poor-condition house have been helpful, and you can contact We Buy Houses in Bama with any questions you have. Further, if you have decided that selling your house directly will best suit you, then give We Buy Houses in Bama a call for a great cash offer on your fixer-upper. With We Buy Houses in Bama, you can sell house fast Huntsville Alabama, Birmingham, Alabama, as well as in other cities around the state! 

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