How Is The Home Selling Process Different With A Cash Offer?

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Cash Offer in buying a Home

When the right moment comes to finally move on from your home and put it up for sale, you’ll want to ensure that you get the best possible deal out of the transaction. As for many of us, our homes aren’t just our primary residences – they’re also our biggest investments. With that in mind, explore all the possible options and make the best decision for your particular situation.

Unlike a traditional sale, a cash offer means that the buyer is willing to pay the full asking price for a home without any contingencies. This means that they are not asking for a loan or other financing in order to complete the purchase – they have the full amount of cash available to them upfront.

In the hierarchy of home offers, the cash offer is at the top. Cash simplifies the buying process. Without lenders in the mix, you’ll save time and reduce the risk of the deal not going through. (1)

Selling your home through an iBuyer is more like the traditional home sale process where you work with an agent to determine a listing price, put your home on the market, show it to potential buyers and negotiate a deal through closing. You may make more money this way than by accepting a cash offer from an iBuyer. (2)

The burden that comes with a cash offer is preparation. Since you are the one selling the home, you are also responsible for handling all of the paperwork and making sure that everything is in order before the sale is finalized. This includes getting a home inspection, ordering a title search, and obtaining any necessary permits.

When selling a home, nobody wants to deal with the expense of staging, the time it takes to show the home or having to go through the process of receiving offers and counter-offers. An all-cash offer takes the stress out of the home selling process and can be the best option – here’s how the process is different from a typical home sale.

No hassle and uncertainty

Sellers who accept a cash offer avoid the hassle and uncertainty of waiting for their home to go through the traditional mortgage process. With a cash offer, the sale is much simpler and can often be completed in as little as two weeks; because there are no bank approvals or loan contingencies to worry about – the buyer has the full amount of cash available upfront.

A typical home sale involves a lot of back-and-forth between the buyer and seller in order to come to an agreement on price, as well as the potential for the deal to fall through entirely if the buyer is unable to secure financing. With a cash offer, the buyer has already pre-qualified themselves and is willing to pay the full price – so there’s no need to negotiate.

A cash offer is often seen as more attractive to sellers than a mortgage-backed offer, as it reduces the risk of the deal falling through at the last minute.

Faster closing process

Cash buyers are often able to close on a home much more quickly than those who need to get a loan since there are no bank approvals or loan contingencies to worry about. This can be a major advantage for sellers who need to move quickly or are worried about the ideal buyer being scooped up by another property during the lengthy mortgage process.

In some cases, a cash buyer may even be able to close on a home in as little as 1 week; whereas, in traditional sales, it can often take 1 or 2 months – or even longer to close on a loan.

Fewer expenses

Expenses are often one of the biggest concerns for sellers; from realtor commissions and fees to home staging and repairs, there are a lot of costs associated with putting your home on the market.

While a cash offer may not be able to completely eliminate all of these selling expenses, it can often help to reduce them. For example, many cash buyers are willing to purchase a home “as is” – meaning that they are not requesting any repairs or renovations be made prior to the sale. This can help to save the seller both time and money.

In addition, cash buyers often don’t require the same level of marketing and advertising as those who are looking to secure a loan; since they are not as concerned about getting their home sold quickly, they may be willing to forego some of the traditional selling expenses in order to get a better deal.

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No appraisal contingency

It is likely that a buyer will order a professional appraisal of the property before closing on the sale; however, with a cash offer, there is no appraisal contingency. This means that even if the appraised value comes in lower than the agreed-upon purchase price, the sale can still go through as long as the buyer is still willing to pay the full amount.

No financing contingency

Cash buyers are less likely to back out of a deal or ask for a price reduction if the appraisal comes in low because they are not depending on getting a loan to finance the purchase. This allows sellers to feel more confident that the deal will close – even if there are some bumps along the way.

The price is usually firm

When a buyer submits a cash offer, they are typically not expecting the seller to negotiate on price. It is a major advantage for sellers who are looking to get a specific price for their home; and, it can help to avoid any potential haggling or back-and-forth that may occur in a typical home sale. However, cash buyers have an advantage in a competitive market; allowing them to potentially negotiate a lower purchase price since the seller knows that there is less of a chance the deal will fall through.

You may get a lower price

While a cash offer is often seen as more attractive to sellers – you may not get as much for a home as you would with a traditional mortgage. This is because cash buyers are typically looking for a bargain and are not as concerned about the market value of the property. Companies that buy houses Huntsville typically offer a decent percentage of the market value while individual buyers may be willing to pay something closer to 90% – leaving some room for negotiation.

The buyer has a clear advantage in this type of sale because there are no bank approvals or loan contingencies to worry about, a cash buyer is able to offer a lower price for the home – knowing that there is a good chance the sale will still go through.

Sellers should be aware that a cash offer may not always be in their best interests – even if it seems like a sure thing. It is essential to take all the factors into consideration before accepting or rejecting an offer; and, to make sure that you are getting the best possible price for your home.

Cash buyers are a hot commodity in the current housing market. Due to the competitive nature of the market, many sellers are eager to accept a cash offer; even if it is for a lower price than they were hoping to get. That being said, it is still important for sellers to consult with a real estate agent to ensure that they are getting the best possible deal – regardless of how the buyer plans to finance the purchase.

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